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100% Organic Air roasted Mould Free Fairtrade Coffee and filtered water to ensure purity. LIGHT GOLDEN ROAST - COFFEE ENEMA SOLUTION Highest Palmitic acid and caffeine content. Best for a very strong cleanse.


Stainless Steel Enema Bucket Kit Comes with easy to use Coffee Enema solution pouches and full instructions.


100% Organic Mould FREE Air Roasted Fairtrade Coffee Enema Grinds Medium Roast - Air Roasted for pureness High in Caffeine and Palmitic acid The best for brewing your own coffee enema solution 'Medium Roast is Gerson preferred'


100% Organic Mould Free Air Roasted Fairtrade Coffee and BEV filtered water to ensure purity. MEDIUM ROAST COFFEE ENEMA SOLUTION The easiest way to have a very smooth yet stimulative coffee enema.


Our Medical Grade quality reusable Silicone enema bag/bucket TUBE is highly recommended for anyone who performs water and coffee enemas.


100% Organic Air Roasted Mould FREE Fairtrade Coffee Enema Grinds Light Golden Roast - Air Roasted for pureness Highest in Caffeine and Palmitic acid 'For those who need the strongest coffee enema solution'


EXTRA LIGHT GOLDEN ROAST COFFEE ENEMA SOLUTION 100% Organic Fairtrade Mould FREE Coffee and BEV filtered water to ensure purity. This coffee enema solution is of MAXIMUM strength and is for seasoned coffee enema performers. Please only order this if you have previously used our Light Golden Roast Strength. For people new to coffee enemas start with the Medium roast strength. MINIMUM ORDER 21 POUCHES AS THIS STRENGTH IS MADE PER ORDER We also offer 28, 35, 50 & 84 POUCHES AVAILABLE ALSO 


The perfect combination of 4 Light Golden Roast and 4 Medium Roast - Coffee Enema pouches Giving you the opportunity to try both varieties and choose your favourite. The coffee is Organic, Mould Free Air Roasted and Fairtrade. 'Smooth or strong. Try both and see which you prefer'.


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