Thank you for expressing an interest in our coffee enema products. We have worked hard to ensure our products are as clean and pure as possible so that anyone can use them with complete faith and trust. On this page you will read a little of our history and the stringent guidelines we follow to ensure a clean, pure product.



As a business, we started by producing our COFFEE ENEMA SOLUTION. The formula and process slowly developed over many years of performing coffee enemas and researching their health benefits.
We focused on fine-tuning the brewing process to produce the purest coffee enema solution possible.



Over time we began to see inconsistencies with the coffee brands we used affecting our coffee enema solution. With these brands, we couldn’t guarantee bean type, organic certification or roasting technique. So to ensure the quality of our coffee enema solution, we developed our COFFEE ENEMA GRINDS.


The Next Step

This lead us to produce our own COFFEE ENEMA GRINDS which we could have complete control over the manufacturing process.

In producing our own coffee enema solution and our coffee enema grinds we started by setting out the following guidelines.

Our Guidelines for Manufacturing


Coffee Enema Grinds

  • The origin of the beans can be tracked and organic certification from the producer obtained.
  • The coffee would be ‘Fairtrade’ so that we could give back to the farming community that produced the beans.
  • We need to use the same bean variety from the same grower. (Not mixing in different beans because of cheaper bean prices).
  • The bean must be high in caffeine. (Flavour was not relevant).
  • The beans need to be Air Roasted for purity.
  • The air roasting process must be consistent.          
  • (We are now able to control the exact temperature and length of the time the organic beans are roasted.This produces an almost exact Light Golden Roast and Medium Roast every time).
  • We wanted the product to be Australian and very clean. (Only the beans come form overseas. All facilities, roasting, labour, labels and packaging is done in Australia. Ensuring a great reliable,  clean, Australian product).
  • The beans are checked for mycotoxins on entering Australia and we only receive beans which have passed inspection.
  • The water must be as close to 100% pure as possible. (We use water filter systems to purify the water).
  • The packaging for the coffee enema solution must NOT leach into the product.
  • The brewing system must be exact and consistent. (Our system is very precise and we brew in large quantities filtering out most of the excess grinds).
  • The concentrate solution must be packaged as soon as possible to maintain the integrity and benefits of the product.

Ultimately the purity and quality of our product we hope gives customers wishing to perform coffee enemas a simple to use option that helps them achieve their cleansing desires.

We sincerely hope you love our products and we welcome any questions you may have about them and their use.


About James Health 1000 Plus –

James Health 1000 Plus is the parent of That business focuses on health, vitality and happiness and looks into and promotes all aspects of cleansing, exercise and ways of being happy in particular individual mindset.

This website is dedicated to giving quality information specific to coffee and water enemas our plus selling quality equipment for enema use. Finally producing our 2 products, Coffee Enema Grinds and Coffee Enema Solution.

We hope to share the benefits of coffee enemas with the whole world.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Wishing you Health, Vitality and Happiness – the team at James Health 1000 Plus