The main ways to stop getting cramps while doing a coffee enema

The main ways to stop getting cramps while doing a coffee enema

Stomach and colon cramps can happen to people new to coffee enemas and even to seasoned pros. In this article, we want to help teach you how to avoid getting coffee enema cramps so you can achieve the best enema experience possible. There are solutions to all coffee enema cramping situations. Read on. A super […]

The need for quality coffee enema performance instructions

a lady reads some coffee enema performance instructions with pictures of lealfets

If you’ve never done a coffee enema before the initial concept and path to your first enema can be quite daunting. You’ve been told it’s great and can help with your ailment but how do you start. How do you ensure you do a coffee enema properly?. For many, this question is enough to stop […]

What is your best side to lie on when doing a coffee enema?

A lady lies on her right side performing a coffee enema reading instructions

So what is the best side to lie on when performing a coffee enema? Is it the right side, the left side, lying on your back or even on all fours or lastly sitting upright on the toilet. We get this question asked so often we decided to write an article to help clarify the […]