Coffee Enemas – What is a coffee enema?

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What is a coffee enema? That is likely the first question that came to your mind after hearing that specific term for the first time. Likely, you were able to connect the dots and make an educated guess about what a coffee enema is. As to why you would do one and what the benefits could possibly be, that probably sent you searching for answers.

Look no further we have all the answers for you here! 

Coffee Enemas: A Simple Explanation

  • How do you perform one? – Using a specially formulated coffee enema solution and enema equipment you insert a rectal tube into the anus and allow the coffee solution to enter the colon.
  • What happens next? – You hold the coffee solution in your colon for a short period of time to allow the natural properties from the coffee to enter the blood stream and initiate your bodies cleanse.
  • What is its purpose? – A coffee enema helps your bodies natural cleansing process.

That’s the simple explanation. Now lets delve more deeply into details with a comprehensive explanation, plus who invented them, a history of enemas and best of all the main benefits of coffee enemas.

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Coffee Enemas – A Simple Explanation. Keep reading for more detailed information.

Coffee Enemas Explained

The health benefits of enemas have been known for millennia. Traditional enemas are (typically) used to treat constipation and Colitis. Those patients using enemas as treatments often begin using them regularly because of the extra, unexpected health benefits they experience. It can help with all sorts of other ailments, including weight loss, better skin, better immunity, improving your blood pressure and higher energy levels, just to name a few.

An enema is performed by rectally intaking a fluid, letting it rest for a period of time in your colon, and ejecting it afterwards. A coffee enema is the same procedure as regular enema but with a very specific coffee solution. 

Why use coffee?

Why would you use coffee instead of purified water or a saline solution? Great question! The purpose of the coffee enema is to remove toxins accumulated in the liver and remove free radicals from the bloodstream. By using coffee, you trigger a process within your body that doesn’t happen with a water solution. You use your body’s own healing abilities and begin to detoxify your blood, among many other health benefits. This is done through the production of bile in the liver.

 The process from start to finish needs to be precise to maximize the health benefits. The type of equipment, the quality of the coffee and the type of water used. These are all key components to augment the coffee enema benefits.

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A Silicone enema bag, a Steel enema bucket, a Disposable enema bag – Some Coffee Enema Solution pouches and Coffee Enema Grinds

Who Invented Coffee Enemas?

Humans have been using enemas for thousands of years. Throughout history, people have used enemas as a form of medicine. This is logical… let me explain why. Before you could use intravenous medicines, if someone was unable to eat or use their mouth, there was only one way to get nourishment or medicine into the body. Through the rectum! 

In fact, the oldest known record of an enema is from over 3500 years ago! Ancient Egyptians used enemas as a way to remove waste from their colons and maintain their health. The Greeks even wrote about the Egyptians exceptional cleanliness, including the way they maintained their internal cleanliness through enemas. Throughout history and across the globe, the enema was and continues to be, a valuable medical procedure.

Coffee enemas have not been used for millennia but they have been used for well over a century. Many people credit Max Gerson with inventing the coffee enema, but this is not the case. He may have popularized the use of it with his therapy but he was not the first to administer them. 

Medical texts from as far back as the 1800s show coffee enemas being used to treat people for all sorts of ailments. People who were poisoned were treated with coffee enemas. One of the founders of the Mayo Clinic, Dr. W.J. Mayo, used these therapies on patients who were recovering from abdominal surgery. One doctor, Dr. Carlos Stanjano, saw such great results in post-operative management, that he repeatedly requested they continue to be used. – Click the image to head over to to learn more

A Bit More Advanced Information

We live in an amazing time. Life has changed drastically since the 1800s, and definitely since the time of the Egyptians 3500 years ago. With the sum of all human knowledge available at our fingertips, it is as crucial as ever to know where to look and how to decipher the right type of information. 

One thing is absolutely clear. If you want to do coffee enemas, you need clear, precise information. 

So what actually happens in your body when you are doing a coffee enema?

When coffee goes into the colon, it is believed that the caffeine and other properties (palmitic acids) within the coffee are absorbed through the hemorrhoidal veins and are delivered to the liver and gall bladder. This has a powerful effect. It opens up the bile ducts and allows the liver to release bile. The caffeine, as well as the theobromine and theopolyne in the coffee, dilate the blood vessels and bile ducts, which is what increases the bile flow. 

Doctors from the University of Minnesota have shown that coffee administered in this way has increased the enzyme system in the liver by up to 700% above normal levels. The importance of this from a health perspective is that when these are released into the blood, it renders the free radicals present in the bloodstream inert. The bile dissolves these inert free radicals and excretes them through the intestinal tract.

The amount of time you perform a coffee enema is equally important. By holding the coffee solution in the colon for 12-15 minutes, it allows your heart to circulate your blood a full 4-5 times. The poisons picked up from your tissues pass through your blood and into your liver where they are neutralized.

Essentially, the enema allows you to create a form of dialysis through the gut wall.

This entire process is triggered by performing a coffee enema and is the reason for the myriad of health benefits that people experience. 

The Main Health Benefits of Coffee Enemas

What are the main coffee enema benefits? Well, that would depend upon exactly what is ailing you. What the main benefit is to one person may only be a nice bonus benefit to someone else. Coffee enemas have a wide range of benefits that seem to span across the health spectrum. Everything from mental clarity to weight loss, there seems to be a health improvement for everybody. 

It seems that there are a few common and powerful benefits of coffee enema.

  • Improves gut health 
  • Improves bowel movements and decreases or removes constipation
  • Skin tends to be clearer and more hydrated. 
  • Clears away mental fog and exhaustion
  • Improves circulation
  • Helps create a better sleep pattern
  • Can help you lose weight
  • Improves your ability to concentrate. 

At a cellular level, there are great benefits as well.

  • Increased cell energy production 
  • Enhanced tissue health 
  • Improved blood circulation 
  • Better immunity and tissue repair and cellular regeneration 

The benefits are clear! Coffee enemas should be a valuable tool in optimizing your health.
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To sum up we hope you have found this article both interesting and informative and cleared up some of your main questions about coffee enemas. Most importantly made you aware of the many health benefits.

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