How to start doing coffee enemas and what you will need to begin

woman lying on the floor doing a coffee enema text reads How to start doing coffee enemas and what you will need to begin

So you want to start doing coffee enemas. But you don’t know how to get started or what you will need to begin. Possibly you are scared. It all seems a bit strange the idea of coffee going in your rectum. Your mind is full of questions about what equipment I need and what coffee I should buy, and how I do it. Fear not. Coffee enemas are amazing and so good for you. This article has taken all the guesswork out and filled in all the gaps. By the end, you will know which enema equipment you need to suit you and which coffee to start with. Plus, you’ll have faith that all will be fine. You just need to follow easy step-by-step instructions on setting up your enema equipment, prepping your coffee solution and doing your coffee enema. It’s easy. Trust me. 

We have 4 steps below to help you get started.

Understanding what a coffee enema is and how it works

So what is a coffee enema, and how does it work?

A coffee enema helps your body cleanse itself more effectively.

Coffee enemas work by introducing a coffee enema solution into the rectum using enema equipment. The coffee solution then works its way up into the colon, and the caffeine enters the bloodstream. Instigating bile release in the liver and gallbladder and aiding the body’s cleansing process.

In a nutshell, it’s great for the body. For a much fuller description on what a coffee enema is and how it works please click the image below to head over to the article.

a woman ponders the meaning of the text above her head reading what is a coffee enema
What is a coffee enema? Who invented it? How does it work? What are the benefits?

What is the process? How do I actually do it?

YOU: Ok, so I understand the concept of coffee solution entering the colon. Scary. Strange. Surreal. But if it works and helps, I’m interested, even excited, to try. But how do I actually do it? E.g. How to choose the enema equipment. How do I select a complete kit? How to put the kit together. How do I prepare the coffee? What coffee should I use? Do I need lube? Where do I do a coffee enema? Bathroom, shower, next to the toilet. Aaaaaahhhhh. So many questions are racing in my mind.

US: Don’t worry. Relax. Breathe. We have answers to all of your questions. We also have articles to help, and of course, you can give us a call. (Our number is on our contact us page. Or reach out via Facebook/messenger). But the number one thing we can say is that our COFFEE ENEMA KITS HAVE EXCELLENT VERY CLEAR TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS.

We’ve put that in bold and capitals to let you know we firmly stand by our instructions. We have an article here on our instructions if you want to learn more. This is to give you faith that all will be just fine as soon as you start. Every step of the process is laid out. Our kits all come with clear instructions.


a lady reads some coffee enema performance instructions with pictures of lealfets
Its very important to have proper coffee enema performance instructions to ensure you gain the best results.

Step 1

Do I want or need to do coffee enemas?

The fundamental question is, do I want or need to do coffee enemas?

Usually, you’ve got to this point because of a medical practitioner. Be it a GP (general practitioner) or a natural health practitioner who has advised you to begin doing coffee enemas. They have said they are great and will help with whatever is ailing you. They have given coffee enemas a positive thumbs-up review and piqued your interest as a possible way to help you regain your health and have robust energy.

Alternatively, you have self-diagnosed yourself. You’ve been feeling sluggish and a bit blah. You may have migraines or constipation, a yeast infection, Lyme disease, or you want a general cleansing boost.

If this is the case, then coffee enemas will most certainly help.

If this is you, then Yes. You do want to do coffee enemas. It is best not to overthink it and dive in. Rip the band-aid off and go for it.

At this point, it’s best just to get started and trust that it will all be great. Decision made. Now step 2.

Step 2

What coffee enema equipment and kit do I need?

Yes, I do want to give this coffee enema thing a go. But now I’ve made that decision, what’s next?

Next is your coffee enema Kit.

A coffee enema kit should have everything you need to get started. So when it arrives. You have full clear instructions. The enema equipment is easy to put together. There is high-quality coffee enema grinds or coffee enema solution with the kit with clear instructions on how to prepare the coffee solution ready for use.

The best two types of enema equipment

These are Silicone Enema Bag Kits or Steel Enema Bucket kits.

These should be medical grade quality, making them easier to keep clean and sterile. (At some point, all equipment gets dirty and needs to be replaced. But these kits have a very long shelf life).

We sell equal amounts of these kits. So it is not possible to say which is best. With the Silicone Enema Bags, if you intend to do mainly coffee enemas, choose a 2 Litre bag. If you wish to do water and coffee enemas, you can get a deeper water cleanse with a 4 Litre kit. We have written an article on the pros and cons of Silicone and Steel kits to help you decide which one will suit you. Click here or the image below

2 litre steel enema bucket and a 2 litre silicone enema bucket both with 1.3 mitre silicone tubes and short stiff rectal tubes
Steel Enema Kit or Silicone Enema Kit? Coffee Enema Solution

Step 3

What coffee should I use for coffee enemas?

Hopefully, you have chosen your enema equipment – Steel or Silicone. Now, which coffee do I use?

Let’s break this down.

  • Should I use supermarket coffee or a coffee enema coffee? What’s the difference?
  • Should I use just standard coffee or organic
  • I understand there are different coffee strengths. Which one should I choose?
  • Should I use grinds and brew my coffee enema solution or use a preprepared coffee enema solution?

1) Supermarket coffee or Coffee Enema Coffee?

For us, this is an easy answer. Although coffee enema coffee grinds are slightly more pricey than supermarket coffee, they have been specially designed to do the job. To cleanse your body better. They tend to be higher in caffeine and palmitic acid and should initiate a better bile cleansing response. We have an article here on how to choose a coffee enema brand 

2) Standard coffee or Organic coffee?

Organic. It has to be. Coffee beans have some of the highest concentrations of pollutants from farming methods, which are released during the brewing process. So it is vital to use organic coffee so as not to add extra pollutants into your body. Cleansing is the goal. Not adding extra chemicals into the body. Oraganic, Organic, Organic.

3) Coffee Strengths 

With Coffee enemas, we focus on 4 main strengths. Here they are from weakest to strongest.

With Dark being the weakest and Extra Light being the strongest. Many people recommend Light Roasts for coffee enemas, and it’s true they will elicit a bigger cleanse. However, when starting, we ALWAYS suggest beginning with a Medium Roast. We have an article here to help explain.

2 bags of medium roast coffee enema grinds and a 250ml pouch of coffee enema solution
Medium Roast – The best way to start your coffee enema journey.

4) Coffee Enema Grinds or Coffee Enema Solution

So should I buy coffee enema grinds or a preprepared coffee enema solution?

What’s the difference? – 

  • With Coffee Enema Grinds, you receive the following. A packet of roasted coffee that is finely ground, ready to boil, and you brew your coffee yourself. The beans will have been roasted to a set level E.g. Medium or Light. Instructions are on the packet. It will take about 30-40 minutes to prepare.
  • With Coffee Enema Solution, you receive preprepared pouches of coffee solution concentrate. You open the pouch. Add some extra water and then warm to body temperature. 37 degrees Celsius. Then it’s ready to use. It takes about 3 minutes to prepare.
coffee enema grinds - coffee enema solution
coffee enema grinds – coffee enema solution

So the question you need to ask yourself is?. Do you prefer to be involved at every stage of a process and have a bit more time up your sleeve, or are you time-poor and want something ready to use quickly?

I can let you know that I (James). The author of this article uses the following. If I am doing a coffee enema in the morning, I use a Light Roast Coffee Enema Solution pouch; if it’s the afternoon, I use a Medium Roast Coffee Enema Solution pouch. I’m time-poor with a wife and four kids. I need quick and easy.

Something that is a good idea if you are new to coffee enemas is to try both. Some grinds and some solution pouches, and see what fits your life.

Step 4 

It’s time to buy a kit

Don’t be afraid. Yes, there is a slight learning curve. But as soon as you buy your kit, you will get that tingle of excitement for your new adventure in cleansing your body. It’s fun and very easy to become good at performing coffee enemas, and you will reap the benefits in no time all.

All of our coffee enema kits come with FULL CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS.

  • Our Full Complete Grinds kits give you the option to choose your coffee strength – either Medium Roast, 50/50 Medium/Light, or Light Roast.
  • Our Full Complete Solution kits come with 3 Medium and 3 Light coffee enema solution pouches. 6 Pouches in total. Allowing you to easily try the different coffee strengths.

You can choose below the kit for you. Click on the link to head over to the kit.



Once you start your coffee enema journey, you will never regret it. Initially, you may be a bit shy and reserved. But as soon as you realise how easy it is and how great you feel, you’ll want to tell the world. There comes the point where you are so thrilled about it that you begin to tell your friends and family.

For now, enjoy getting your coffee enema kit and do reach out to us if you have any questions we are here to help.