Coffee Enemas & The Vital Importance of Avoiding Mycotoxins and Mold

Coffee Enemas & The Vital Importance of Avoiding Mycotoxins and Mold with water flowing and coffee beans

While the extraordinary health benefits of coffee enemas may be new to you, coffee itself likely is not. It has been a staple commodity for hundreds of years and is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, every day. Coffee itself is something you know well, however, the term mycotoxin may be completely new. You would never think to pair your lovely memories of coffee with the cringy thoughts of mold, which is actually the very thing that leads to mycotoxins. So what are mycotoxins? Where are they found? How is it relevant to you and your coffee enema journey? We have gathered all the facts and laid it out for you here. For anyone interested in coffee enemas this information is of vital importance.

So what are mycotoxins?

Very simply mycotoxins are molds that can have adverse side effects on our health. The term mycotoxin was first coined in 1962, after they were discovered near London, England. In the decades that followed the discovery, many well-funded public and private research studies went on to identify hundreds of different types of mycotoxins. Luckily only about a dozen of them are of serious concern to human health. While you would need a degree in biology and toxicology to fully grasp the scope of the subject, the relevant facts to you and your health are quite simple. Mycotoxins are a naturally occurring toxic compound that are produced by certain types of mold (fungi). This mold can grow in toxic levels in a variety of products including cereals, foodstuffs, spices, fruits and dried nuts, as well as coffee crops. The effects and risks have been well studied and the consequences of mycotoxin poisoning can be very severe, leading to everything from acute and severe symptoms to long term, chronic illnesses from prolonged exposure.

Not all coffee is the same – Go for purity

As coffee, for a lot of people, is a daily experience, the availability of mycotoxin free coffee is vital. One of the major concerns with these toxins is that they are chemically stable and can survive food processing. That is why access to regulated and guaranteed mycotoxin free and mold free products is crucially important.

Purity is vital text with coffee enema grind images of coffee grinds in hands
Purity is Vital. All of our Coffee Enema Grinds are pure, organic, air roasted and free from Mycotoxins.

Where do mycotoxin molds grow most?

The molds that lead to mycotoxins are a naturally occurring phenomenon. They love to grow in certain conditions, particularly in foodstuffs and crops. When the conditions are right, such as being warm, damp and humid (as you would find in most countries where coffee beans are grown), these molds can thrive, leading to contamination of the crops. The particular trouble is that these molds do not just grow on the surface but can penetrate deep into the food, so keeping these crops mycotoxin free can present a real challenge.

What methods are used to limit mold growth?

The methods that are used to prevent the growth of these mycotoxin producing fungi include humidity and temperature control as well as irradiation and some photodynamic (involving certain types of lights and activating agents to create a reaction) treatments. Mold usually does not grow in properly dried and stored food so the efficient drying, followed by the proper handling and storage of the crops afterwards, is of key importance to maintain their integrity by keeping them mold free.

What are the main effects mycotoxins have on us?

First and foremost, mycotoxins weaken the immune system of the host. They can create catastrophic illness caused by low dose exposure and potentially death. This is depending on which mycotoxin was present, as well as the concentration of toxins present. The truth is that almost all exposure to mycotoxins are accidental but that doesn’t change the fact that the health effects of mycotoxins can have adverse effects on your wellbeing. They are also hard to diagnose. How mycotoxins affect the human body depends upon many factors, including the concentration of the exposure, the duration, as well as the affected persons sensitivities.

What is it called if you have been subjected to mycotoxins?

If someone has been poisoned due to exposure to mycotoxins, it is called mycotoxicosis, and it should be avoided at all costs (that is why mycotoxin free coffee is so important!).

What are the short and long term effects?

The effect of ingesting some mycotoxins can be immediate, including severe illness after the ingesting of contaminated food. Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting have been all been reported in these cases. If you have had food poisoning before, you can relate to this unpleasant experience. While the acute effects are horrible, the long-term damage done by chronic exposure could forever alter your quality of life. Certain types of mycotoxins have been linked to liver cancer as well as being genotoxic, which means it can damage your DNA. It has also been linked to kidney damage that could lead to kidney cancer. Looking at and understanding how these toxins affect humans, making sure whatever you choose to put in your body (whether that be a cup of coffee or a coffee enema) is mycotoxin free is a health priority.

A woman sits ill in bed text reads about symptons of mycotoxins
Some of the symptons and effects mycotoxins can have on the body

How to avoid mycotoxins in coffee?

“How do I go about avoiding mycotoxins in coffee enemas?” That is a great question. We are agreed that keeping mycotoxins out of your system is a necessity. For a product produced as abundantly as coffee, how do you do that? Because mycotoxins are a naturally occurring process, it is not something that can be eradicated. There are many preventative and quality control measures taken to ensure a clean, healthy product. At a grower’s level, the main methods for controlling mycotoxins are largely preventative, such as good agricultural practice and sufficient drying of crops after a harvest. Knowing all this, you may be asking, is there a standard? Yes! The WHO has established a mandatory minimum standard for mycotoxin levels in food or crops, including coffee beans.

Luckily All Of Our Coffee Enema Products Are Mycotoxin Mold-Free

Here at Coffee Enema Solution, we go above and beyond to maintain standards! Our Coffee Enema Grinds and Coffee Enema Solution products are mycotoxin mold free. There are many steps that we take to make sure that you get not only mycotoxin-free coffee, but that you are avoiding mycotoxins in coffee enemas completely. But how do we make sure that you have pure coffee enema coffee? For one, we select beans from a dryer growing region. We only use beans that are organic and can be traced back to the original producer, as well as making sure we are using the same type of single-origin Fairtrade beans and not mixing them with other bean types. This eliminates question’s about where our coffee comes from and if it is of high quality. Before any raw products enter Australia and make it into our facilities they are tested for molds. We perform an inspection ensuring that we produce only the purest coffee enema products.

What about caffeine levels and mycotoxins

Since caffeine inhibits the growth of mycotoxins, we use only highly caffeinated coffee beans. Coffee with high levels of caffeine (sorry decaf lovers!) is a great way to ensure mycotoxin-free coffee. We Air Roast the beans to set temperatures and efficiently package within our facilities. Prompt packaging locks in freshness and inhibits mold growth. We control the production process and packaging process to ensure the cleanest coffee enema products are completely Australian.

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All of our coffee enema products are mycotoxin free –

In conclusion

In the end, when looking for a coffee enema supplier, it would make sense to source out only pure coffee enema coffee and high-quality accessories. At Coffee Enema Solution, we strive to not only provide you with the best quality products but also to give you the knowledge necessary to make the best possible decisions when it comes to your personal health choices. While some of these topics may be new to you, this is what we do. We have taken the time and the effort to do all the research, invest in the facilities and develop all the appropriate protocols and best practices to make sure that you have the most beneficial experience you could possibly have. Proudly Australian. The Team at

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3 Light golden roast coffee enema solution pouches with free from mycotoxin text
All of our products are FREE from mycotoxins. 3 x Light Golden Roast Coffee Enema Solution pouches.