The many varied reasons people do coffee enemas

Women talking about why they do coffee enemas

There are so many different reasons why people do coffee enemas.
The main reason people tend to be drawn to them is related to cancer therapy and ongoing illnesses that require a more holistic thorough cleansing methodology. We’ve been involved with coffee enemas for a long time now. We have seen and learnt of hundreds of reasons people do them. So let’s take a look at some and broaden your coffee enema mindset.

Let’s all start talking more about coffee enemas

We want more people to openly talk about coffee enemas with their friends and families. To tell them why they do them and the benefits they gain. When people first start performing coffee enemas most are shy about talking about it. It is a strange new subject and the concept would get raised eyebrows from many so you decide to keep it to yourself.

It’s only after gaining great results that people begin to open up and start to talk confidently about their coffee enema experience.

Let’s delve into some of the many reasons and positives that you can gain from coffee enemas. Starting with a simple explanation of what a coffee enema is.

The main purpose of a coffee enema

At the beginning of most of our articles, we tend to state the main objective of doing a coffee enema.

Simply. Coffee enemas help your body to cleanse itself thoroughly. Coffee enemas do this by absorbing caffeine into the bloodstream. The caffeine then instigates extra bile release to assist the bodies natural cleansing ability.
We take our cars for services to clean the oil and filters and then they run better.
Our bodies work the same. Functioning infinitely better when they are clean and oiled. Then life is certainly more joyous. (To read a more in-depth explanation of what a coffee enema is and how it works read this article).

The main reasons people are drawn to coffee enemas

Sadly some people have cancer and have found the Gerson Therapy to assist their recovery. Using their system of coffee enemas and juices as a way to assist in defeating the cancer. We feel very sympathetic to anyone who is currently battling cancer. We have made our coffee enema grinds and coffee enema solution products as pure as possible and in varying strengths to help you fight this disease. We sincerely hope everyone is able to beat cancer.

Other examples are constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, compacted faeces, colon blockages and excess toxins in the system from operations requiring large amounts of pharmaceutical drugs. Yeast infections, low immunity, lethargic energy levels and chronic fatigue syndrome. The list goes on.

Some more interesting reasons our customers do coffee enemas

1) Sciatic nerve pain caused by inflammation

This was interesting and new to us.
The story. A regular lady (customer) called to double-check that we would be operating during covid. She loved our products. She had tried other pop up enema coffee brands but knew the length of time we had devoted to developing our coffee enema products and ensuring the quality and roast strength standard.
Most importantly our coffee enema coffee grinds worked for her.
She was worried that during covid she wouldn’t be able to get our product as she didn’t want her pain to return. At this point, we asked what her ailment was. Then the lady said that it had been helping with her sciatic nerve pain to a point where she doesn’t have to take any anti-inflammatories or pain killers.
We are absolutely thrilled to hear this result. We can only guestimate that the natural cleansing released pressure off her system allowing vital energy to be rediverted to reduce inflammation and lubricate joints.
All we know for sure is she is thrilled.
Thank you for the call. We hope this info helps someone else.

2) Eczema

We have had several customers notify us that they have been using coffee enemas as a way to reduce their eczema with very good results.
This makes a lot of sense as quite often the body will try to expel excess toxins through the skin. I know for myself the couple of times I have had to have an operation in a hospital and I was given strong pharmaceutical drugs I always got eczema on my elbows. If eczema afflicts you then maybe try a coffee enema.

3) Exercise, weight loss, training and competitions

Quite often when your body is blocked up especially the colon your body isn’t functioning properly. This means your body can’t break down and eliminate fat properly. The less stressed your bowel and colon the easier it is for your body to work. That is why coffee enemas work for many people wishing to lose weight.
On the reverse side, we have several top athletes who use coffee enemas before events to ensure they are clean and fully focused on the event or competition.
For example running events, stage body sculpting and weight training competitions. This allows for full focus and high levels of energy as well as ensuring the colon is empty ensuring no bloating and perfect stomach muscle definition.

4) Models both professional and Instagram professionals

Being naturally healthy and vibrant shows through the camera lens. On speaking to several of our regular customers who swear by coffee enemas before an important photo shoot and Instagram story film. They say they feel super clean on the inside and bright and alert on the outside. They say it is important to have a high energy level and focus and that coffee enemas make them feel great and in the zone.

5) Lyme disease

What is Lyme Disease –

Lyme disease is a tick-borne infection caused by bacteria in the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato group.

The first symptom is usually a characteristic pink or red rash that starts as a small red spot that gradually spreads in a much larger circle with a characteristic bulls-eye appearance called erythema migrans. This normally happens between 3 and 32 days after being bitten by an infected tick. Not everyone with Lyme disease gets the rash. There may also be fever, headaches, tiredness. Joint pains are particularly prominent with infections acquired in North America.

If left untreated, the Lyme disease infection can spread through the bloodstream and can cause infection in the brain and membranes surrounding the brain (meningo-encephalitis) and infection in or around the heart (endocarditis, myocarditis or pericarditis). The disease can also cause inflammation of joints and cause joint pain and long-term neurological symptoms. (Quote from

At this point, I would like to mention our Instagram friend Bianca, based in Australia. She has been fighting Lyme disease for some time now and she is a firm believer in fighting Lyme disease with healthy holistic methods. Coffee enemas being one of the methods she users. Head over to her Instagram #biancasholisticway to see that she is fit and healthy and spreading wellness mindsets and healthy lifestyle choices to defeat Lyme disease. You can also listen to Bianca on her podcast – Biancas Holistic Way.

The joy of life people

6) The joy of life people.

The people who just adopt coffee enema cleansing as a part of their weekly health ritual. To be alive, clean and ensure this busy life doesn’t get on top of them. Staying cleansed and making health their way of life.

Depending on what your cleansing need is you will require a different strength coffee. Head here for an article on choosing what coffee strength you should start with. In general, we suggest everyone starts on a medium strength. If you have an advanced illness you will move to the stronger light golden roast if possible. If you are a general cleanser it is fine to stay on the medium strength. Please do read the article to get a good understanding of the different coffee enema product strengths.

We hope this article has helped in showing some of the many ways coffee enemas can help and add greatly to your life.
We would love to hear from you. Please tell us what you started using coffee enemas for and how they have helped.

For now, wishing you all well.