Why We Use Organic Green Beans for our Coffee Enema Products

organic green coffee beans in a white dish next to text about using them for coffee enema products

Organic is the Way to Go – Going organic is an easy decision to make today. The scientific and anecdotal evidence is
overwhelmingly in the favor of organic options as the healthier and more eco-friendly option.
This is especially true when it comes to coffee beans. Traditional coffee bean plants are the
recipient of many chemical concoctions on their journey from seed to bean. Pesticides,
fungicides and insecticides make it into the coffee and affect the environment in the vicinity of
where they grow. Ultimately these would make it into your body during the enema process and this cannot happen.

So our products first priority is to be 100% organic.

We decided that when it came to our coffee enema products, we would use organic green
beans and only produce the finest organic green coffee enemas available. Instead of having
farmers strip the land of its natural ecosystem to grow coffee beans with synthetic fertilizers, we
would use organic green beans, grown the way they grow naturally, to create our green coffee
enema products.

Properly air roasting (which ensures no carcinogens) the beans to the ideal roast and developing the perfect
coffee enema grind strength for the majority of people is the next step in the process.

the word organic is written on a hessian sack and a hand picks organic green coffee beans
Organic Green coffee beans for coffee enemas

Why Organic Green Coffee Beans Are Key to Effective Coffee Enemas

For those who are considering or are already doing coffee enemas, the main purpose of
the procedure is to receive the many health benefits they provide. These range from weight loss
to relieving depression and mental fog to boosting energy levels. The reason organic green
coffee beans are a key component to our coffee enemas is their high levels of chlorogenic acid.
Studies have found that chlorogenic acid may lower blood sugar, aid in weight loss, and
help with high blood pressure. Anecdotal evidence suggests it also improves cognitive abilities
and mood, as well as increases anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity.
Since organic green coffee beans are a rich source of chlorogenic acid, that chlorogenic
acid can be directly absorbed into the blood stream while performing an organic green coffee
enema. This ensures that you receive the greatest benefits from your enema experience.

chlorogenic acid words with may help with physical symptoms
Chlorogenic Acid may help with, lowering blood sugar levels, aiding weight loss and helping with high blood pressure.

Roasting and Preparing Coffee Beans for Optimal Enema Strength

There is often a tendency to think that more or stronger is better. When people hear the
word optimal they sometimes confuse it with maximum or “lots”. This is not the case. According
to the Merriam Webster dictionary, optimal means: “most desirable or satisfactory”. What is
ideal is the most effective strength and we achieve this through an in-house air roasting process
that we control from start to finish. We take pride in making sure the proper roasting of green
beans happens in our facilities.

We have found that for the majority of people, unroasted green coffee beans are too
intense. The ideal grind strength for beginners is a medium roast. This provides the best experience and health
benefits for those starting to perform organic green coffee enemas.

For extra info on how to choose the best coffee strength for you and why we suggest starting with a medium strength head to this article – HERE

By using the best organic green coffee beans and controlling the air roasting process, we
offer a fully Australian green coffee enema product that we are proud to stand behind.

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