Our Coffee Enema Grinds are all Organic, Fairtrade and Air Roasted to set specifications to offer the best Coffee Enema experience and results.

When starting coffee enemas for the first time we always suggest starting with a Medium Roast. Please read here for an article explaining why.

We have 7 coffee enema grind roast variations.

Our 3 Main Roasts are as follows –

Medium Roast – 50/50 Light Golden and Medium Roast – Light Golden Roast

  • The Medium Roast is Gerson preferred and is higher in caffeine and palmitic acid than usual coffee. Although it is weaker of the 3.
  • 50/50 Light Golden and Medium Roast. This comes as 400g of coffee. 50% – 200g is Medium Roast and 50% – 200g is Light Golden Roast. This offers an in between strength for those wanting a coffee enema experience higher in caffeine than the Medium Roast.
  • Light Golden Roast – Is the strongest coffee enema grind we offer. It is air roasted at a low temperature for a set time which produces the highest amount of caffeine an palmitic acid.

Our other roasts are Dark, 50/50 Dark/Medium, 50/50 Light/Extra Light and Extra Light Golden Roast.

The image below helps to see the differences.

showing a variety of different coffee enema grind strengths
Our full range of coffee enema grinds from the weakest Dark Roast to the strongest Extra Light Golden Roast.

We only offer our coffee enema coffee in a ground format. This is because the elasticity and natural oil present in the bean has to be ground using professional grinders. This is particularly important with the Light Golden Roast as to produce the highest amount of caffeine and palmitic acid requires the beans to be roasted at a lower temperature. This offers a great coffee enema experience but makes the bean harder to grind. Therefore we use our professional grinders to do the work for you.

General home use grinders are not able to grind the beans to the best consistency.

The instructions on the back of the pack are designed to produce the best enema experience. It suggests brewing all 400g of coffee enema grinds to produce between 8 and 16 coffee enemas, depending on the strength you prefer.

However if you prefer to perform 1 coffee enema from time to time then follow the following instructions – 

  • Take 50g of coffee and boil for 5 minutes in 1 litre of purified water. After 5 minutes of boiling simmer for 30 minutes. Be sure to stir regularly. Also keep a lid on to ensure less evaporation. 
  • Filter out the grinds and refill to 1 litre.
  • Ready to perform your coffee enema


We have made the solution pouch as user friendly as possible. The back of the Coffee Enema Solution packet offers clear instructions on how to prepare your coffee enema solution concentrate.

The use by date is much longer on the coffee enema grinds than the coffee enema solution. When you brew your own coffee enema solution concentrate from our coffee enema grinds it allows you to be more precise with the strength of your solution plus the quantity per use. This allows for a certain amount of flexibility and more importantly personal needs met.

From a simplicity point our Coffee Enema solution is easier to use and is set to our specifications. Once you have used it and find you receive great results it is easier to use our pre prepared Coffee Enema Solution.

The choice is yours.

The Light Golden Roast is roasted a very specific way that makes it stronger in caffeine. Also the bean is less burnt. However this means it wont smell the same as your normal espresso coffee. It is completely fine and very strong coffee.


We receive this question often – The difference between the 2 rectal tubes.

This is most apparent in our kits.

Both are non leaching and bio-friendly

We offer the 2 as a choice to customers to find which variety they prefer.


The best options are as follows.

Silicone bags can be turned inside out and can be washed with hot water and soap.

Steel enema buckets can be cleaned using soapy hot water or thoroughly washed in the dishwasher.

We have an article on this site that teaches the best way to hang your kit. It describes different height levels and positions in the bathroom to help maximise results from your enemas.

Head to this link to read the article.


Our kits are separated into 3 different categories.

  1. Starter Tester Kits
  2. Full Silicone enema bag or Steel Bucket coffee enema kits
  3. Premium advanced coffee enema kits.

The Starter Tester Kits are for people who want to have a little try. The Full Coffee Enema kits are for people who are committed to use coffee enemas to help cleanse their bodies. The Premium Kits are for those people who are ready for an advanced cleanse and want everything they will need to arrive in one package so they are fully set .

All of our main products have clear instructions on usage. Including our Coffee Enema Grinds and Coffee Enema Solution.

All full kits have clear instructions on set up, enema performance and after enema cleanup. We also welcome any questions you may have about any aspect of water and coffee enemas. So please feel free to contact us through our contact page and we will be in touch to help with your enquiries.

To make an enquiry please head here to our Contact Us page.

All of our kits are easy to use with clear instructions. You may however prefer either a silicone enema bag kit or a steel enema bucket kit. We have written an article to help guide you to a choice that suits you best.

Head to this link to read the article.