Steel or silicone home enema kit?

2 litre steel enema bucket and a 2 litre silicone enema bucket both with 1.3 mitre silicone tubes and short stiff rectal tubes

What is best for you – Steel or Silicone?

When it comes to choosing enema equipment you definitely want to choose either steel or silicone for your choice of home enema apparatus.

What to avoid

The cheaper plastic or hot water bottle style options generally are suitable for short term use only if you wish to just try enemas. Especially the hot water bottle style as these are generally made with a type of material which leaches into the liquid. So we really don’t suggest buying and using one of these types of enema bags. We also don’t recommend glass because of the potential short life span.

When it comes to the steel enema bucket and the silicone enema bag kits, each will have some pros and cons. But firstly –

What do they have that is the same.

2 Litre liquid capacity suitable for coffee enemas. (Although there is a 4 Litre silicone bag option if you prefer. Generally used for a good water enema). S hook hanging device, 1.3 Mitre silicone tube. The rest is the same. So it is the main bucket or bag that we are looking at.

So looking at the 2 top styles of enema kits you will need to take into consideration the following points when choosing your kit.



  • Its rigid shape
  • A touch more pricey
  • Not possible to see the liquid level going down
  • A tiny bit awkward to hang


  • Very long shelf life – Many years
  • Easy to clean – good for oily coffee enema residue
  • Can go in the dishwasher
  • Very sturdy
  • Reliable equipment
  • Probably our favourite
Enema Steel Bucket plus Tube silicone
Steel Enema Bucket plus Tube – Coffee Enema Solution

Silicone Bags

Cons –

  • Can be slightly difficult to clean some of the inside areas
  • Will wear over time
  • Possible to tear the top section where the S hook fits if the kit is overfilled
  • If not cleaned thoroughly can build a residue from the oily coffee

Pros –

  • Very easy to store
  • Extremely travel friendly as it lies flat or folds and takes up very little baggage space
  • Will last a long time if properly cleaned between uses
  • Can be turned inside out to clean
  • Is a slightly cheaper option
  • Does exactly what you need it to do
Quality Silicone Enema Bag Kit
Quality Silicone Enema Bag Kit – Coffee Enema Solution

In conclusion

So what are our overall thoughts? We love them both and they suit different needs. In general, a personal choice is the steel bucket as it has a cleaner feel about it. Is very easy to fill because of the wide opening and it just feels good. But the truth is we have certainly got one of each kit and use them individually as and when we need them.

Once you have your kit and are ready to begin your water and coffee enemas you should start with a quality medium roast coffee enema grind.

To see why we suggest starting with a medium roast head to this article.


Choices, Choices!