The main ways to stop getting cramps while doing a coffee enema

The main ways to stop getting cramps while doing a coffee enema

Stomach and colon cramps can happen to people new to coffee enemas and even to seasoned pros. In this article, we want to help teach you how to avoid getting coffee enema cramps so you can achieve the best enema experience possible. There are solutions to all coffee enema cramping situations. Read on.

A super quick look at what a coffee enema is

We will assume you already know a bit about the coffee enema process in that you are lying on the ground, and a coffee enema solution enters the colon using enema equipment and a rectal tube. At which point you hold the solution for around 10-15 minutes. Then you get up onto your toilet and excrete the coffee solution into the toilet.

So what is a coffee enema cramp?

During the process, either when the solution is entering the colon or while you are holding the coffee in the colon, you can get pains or spasms. These pains are predominantly in the colon but can sometimes be in the stomach. The usual urge at this point is to excrete the coffee enema solution immediately. This cramping pain can be pretty severe and feel like a stabbing sensation. For most people, this is new and unusual. They haven’t experienced this sensation before in the colon. So it can be pretty unpleasant.

The good news

The good news is the cramping experience is not dangerous or long-lasting if you have some simple knowledge to help avoid it in the first place. Or, if it does happen, you have learnt how to relieve it and continue your coffee enema without needing to evacuate the solution rapidly.

New coffee enema performers are more likely to get colon spasms

People new to coffee enemas are more likely to get them.

So it is good to learn some tricks to make your coffee enema journey smoother to gain the best results and body cleanse.

Let’s look at the top reasons for coffee enema colon cramping.

The main reasons why the colon and stomach can cramp during a coffee enema

  • The liquid is too hot or too cold 
  • You are not comfortable in your enema position
  • You have a desire to excrete the coffee enema solution straight away
  • The coffee enema solution is too strong in caffeine 
  • A cramp in the colon caused by a small fecal blockage
  • The liquid is entering the colon too quickly
  • After your coffee enema, you don’t excrete all of the solution and faeces

Now that we have listed the main reasons that can cause cramping, we will evaluate each item and break down why and where the cramp happens and how to resolve it.

But one last thing before we get into details. It’s a best practice method. If you get the cramps and you cant relieve them, do not try to brave through them by gritting your teeth and putting up with the pain. Doing this will cause you to have a period of discomfort in the colon after you finish. This can last a day or two as the colon has had a pretty big cramping workout and can feel tender. So if you get cramping and it can’t be resolved, it is best to abort the coffee enema. Evacuate the solution into the toilet and come back another day.

There is no reward for putting up with the pain, especially when it can be such a relaxed, pleasant experience.

The where the why, and how to fix coffee enema colon cramps

1) The liquid (coffee solution) is too hot or too cold.


Where – This cramp will occur in the lower colon. 

Why – When the solution is too cold, the colon has an instant spasm as the liquid enters the colon, much like jumping into a cold swimming pool. Your whole body tenses up and goes into fight or flight. When cold liquid hits the colon, the whole thing freaks out. Luckily with this one, the cramp is minimal and should subside pretty quickly as the solution warms up to body temp.


Where – This cramp will occur in the lower colon

Why – This is IMPORTANT never to introduce a solution that is too hot into the colon. This will cause an instant scolding and burn inside the colon, causing cramping and ongoing pain. 

  • The solution: – is A) to never introduce too hot water. We suggest body temperature which is 37 degrees Celsius. The body loves coffee enema solution at this temperature both to absorb the nutrients and caffeine in the solution, plus the colon won’t get scolded or, in the case of too cold, tense up and spasm. In our full kits, we include a liquid temperature gauge to help reach the perfect temperature and so have a smooth sensation as the coffee enters the bowel.

2) You are not comfortable in your enema position

Where – Cramping can occur anywhere in the colon at any point during the process.

Why – This is due to general tension in the body. Stopping the free flow of the coffee into the body. This causes the body to reject the liquid. 

  • The solution: – is to ensure you are very comfortable while doing your coffee enema. Ensure you are warm enough and lying in a suitable position where your body is relaxed. We have an article on the best ways to lie when doing a coffee enema.

3) A desire to excrete the coffee enema solution straight away

Where – Cramping in the lower colon and anal sphincter spasm.

Why – Usually, this occurs for people new to enemas. They are not used to the introduction of a liquid into the colon. The feeling is unique, and the person’s mind and body reject a)the process and b)the liquid being pushed into the colon. 

  • The solution: – Firstly, the rectal tube should be inserted a few inches past the anal sphincter. (New enema performers sometimes only barely insert the tip). Secondly, liquid, whether it is water or coffee enema solutiuon, needs to enter the colon slowly. This can be done by only half opening the flow valve on the enema equipment or by having the enema kit closer to the ground to reduce the liquid flow speed. A smooth slow speed is best for beginners as there is a more relaxed sensation in the colon and a gradual filling of liquid. When the solution gushes into the colon, it has the urge to reject it, spasm and eject the coffee solution. Slow and smooth is best for beginners. Once you have a few enemas under your belt, you can increase the speed of liquid entering the colon if you prefer.
  • Read this article on how to best set up your enema equipment

4) The coffee enema solution is too strong in caffeine

Where – Usually in the stomach and top of the colon. Often after the coffee enema is complete.

Why – One of the questions we get asked often is, “is there caffeine in the coffee”?. Or, “I am quite sensitive to caffeine. Will this be a problem?”.

The simple answer is yes. There is caffeine in the coffee for coffee enemas, and in many cases, the caffeine levels are higher than regular coffee. This is especially true with our coffee enema coffee grinds, as they are specifically designed and roasted to be higher in caffeine and palmitic acid to gain optimal results from coffee enemas. 

Strength wise. The darker the roast, the lower the caffeine. The Lighter the roast, the stronger the caffeine. All our coffee enema grind strengths are here. We always suggest starting with a medium roast, and we have an article here (link below) to explain why.

  • The Solution: – So to answer the question. Why can too strong coffee cause after enema cramping? It’s because it overstimulates the liver and gallbladder to release too much bile. At the same time, the bloodstream has a very high amount of caffeine racing around, which can cause nausea. This can be likened to a teenager smoking several cigarettes quickly to be cool and then feeling sick afterwards. Even though many articles on the internet say to use a light roast, we definitely suggest starting with a weaker coffee and working your way up in strength. Read the article here on starting with a medium strength.

5) A cramp in the colon caused by a small fecal blockage

Where – In the colon at the point where the faecal blockage is. It will often be a sharp pain.

Why – When the coffee enema solution enters the colon, it often encounters a faecal blockage. The second the solution hits this blockage, the body spasms. More liquid is trying to enter the colon, and within seconds the body cramps and gives you a powerful spasm pain sensation. At this point, the body wants to eject the solution. 

  • The solution: This cramping and pain is actually what we consider the number problem for all people performing coffee enemas. It doesn’t matter how many or how little you have done. At some point, you will have this blockage pain while filling up with coffee solution. The sharp pain is such that your immediate reaction is to get straight onto the toilet and evacuate the liquid quickly. However, if you begin to massage the area where the pain is and wiggle your torso, then 80% of the time this allows the solution to get past the faeces. Breaking it up and flushing it down the colon and the pain subsides quickly. The liquid then flows through the colon easily again.

In conclusion, we believe that if you observe the following guidelines, you are most likely to avoid stomach and colon cramps when performing coffee enemas.

The Guidelines

  • Try and perform a coffee enema after having a natural bowel movement.
  • If you are new to coffee enemas, do several days of water enema flushing to clean out the lower colon before starting coffee enemas.
  • Don’t place your equipment too high off the floor to limit how fast the liquid flows.
  • Try to have the coffee enema solution at body temperature, approx 37 degrees Celcius.
  • Don’t use a coffee that is too strong for you. It is best to start with a medium roast and work up to light roasts.
  • Lie on your right side to allow the liquid to flow easily into the colon.
  • If you come up against a blockage that makes you feel like you to have to excrete. At this point, massage the area where the pain is, and if it doesn’t shift some faeces allowing free flow again, then don’t grin and bear it. Get onto the toilet and evacuate everything from your colon.
  • Now relax. Don’t give yourself a hard time. Wait a few minutes to ensure everything is out, and then either go again for a second attempt. Or get up and get on with your day.

After many years of experience, we know that whether you are brand new to coffee enemas or you’ve done over 100, there are still days when nothing seems to be going right. The equipment isn’t set up right. The coffee solution doesn’t seem to flow properly. It feels funny entering your body. Your colon spasms and immediately wants to reject the liquid.

I can promise you we have been through this many times, so don’t be hard on yourself.

Follow the guidelines above, and most of the time, the liquid will flow, you’ll be calm and relaxed, and your body will savour the cleanse, leaving you bright, alert and feeling great.