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Why We Use Organic Green Beans for our Coffee Enema Products

organic green coffee beans in a white dish next to text about using them for coffee enema products

Organic is the Way to Go – Going organic is an easy decision to make today. The scientific and anecdotal evidence isoverwhelmingly in the favor of organic options as the healthier and more eco-friendly option.This is especially true when it comes to coffee beans. Traditional coffee bean plants are therecipient of many chemical concoctions on […]

Coffee Enemas – What is a coffee enema?

a woman ponders the meaning of the text above her head reading what is a coffee enema

What is a coffee enema? That is likely the first question that came to your mind after hearing that specific term for the first time. Likely, you were able to connect the dots and make an educated guess about what a coffee enema is. As to why you would do one and what the benefits […]

Coffee Enemas & The Vital Importance of Avoiding Mycotoxins and Mold

Coffee Enemas & The Vital Importance of Avoiding Mycotoxins and Mold with water flowing and coffee beans

While the extraordinary health benefits of coffee enemas may be new to you, coffee itself likely is not. It has been a staple commodity for hundreds of years and is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide, every day. Coffee itself is something you know well, however, the term mycotoxin may be completely new. You would […]

The need for quality coffee enema performance instructions

a lady reads some coffee enema performance instructions with pictures of lealfets

If you’ve never done a coffee enema before the initial concept and path to your first enema can be quite daunting. You’ve been told it’s great and can help with your ailment but how do you start. How do you ensure you do a coffee enema properly?. For many, this question is enough to stop […]

What is your best side to lie on when doing a coffee enema?

A lady lies on her right side performing a coffee enema reading instructions

So what is the best side to lie on when performing a coffee enema? Is it the right side, the left side, lying on your back or even on all fours or lastly sitting upright on the toilet. We get this question asked so often we decided to write an article to help clarify the […]

Steel or silicone home enema kit?

2 litre steel enema bucket and a 2 litre silicone enema bucket both with 1.3 mitre silicone tubes and short stiff rectal tubes

What is best for you – Steel or Silicone? When it comes to choosing enema equipment you definitely want to choose either steel or silicone for your choice of home enema apparatus. What to avoid The cheaper plastic or hot water bottle style options generally are suitable for short term use only if you wish […]