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The best ways to hang and set up your home enema kits.

A steel enema bucket sits on a white background with text next to it

What is the best way to set up your home enema kit when performing coffee and water enemas?. In this article, we will show you many practical ways to set up your enema equipment and give you reasons why you do it differently depending on your home space and most importantly, personal needs combined with […]

Coffee enemas and why you should always start with a Medium Roast

2 bags of medium roast coffee enema grinds and a 250ml pouch of coffee enema solution

The objective of this article is to explain why you should always start your coffee enema journey with a Medium Roast coffee strength.  There are many different coffee roast strengths available from Dark, Medium, 50/50 (Medium / Light) and Light Golden Roast.  Dark is the weakest, and Light Golden Roast is the strongest. For more […]